Penny For Your Thoughts With … NOEL GOURDIN

Soul singer Noel Gourdin on his debut single, ‘The River.’ Presented by our friends at Electronic Urban Report.

*Singer Noel Gourdin (Gor-deen) may be a new name on the scene, buthis sound is quite familiar. Gourdin’s debut disc, “After My Time” is dripping with that old-school soul reminiscent of masters such as Marvin Gaye, Tyrone Davis, and Otis Redding. And while Gourdin is merely in the very young stage of becoming a great name like his influences, he hopes the disc catapults his career
ahead of its time.

“You’ve heard quite a few artist that are considered to be ‘before their time,’” Gourdin said in explaining the title of the new album. “Their expertise and music could come out now and still be relevant and such a hit. My concept and my records are story driven and have a message and are respectful and tasteful. I could see myself coming out with the Motown swingand the soul swing - with the Marvin Gayes and Sam Cookes and the old soulgroups. I could see myself coming out in that era, so hence the title ‘After My Time’.”

It seems to be Gourdin’s time no matter if it’s before or after. The lead single, “The River” is getting massive play on urban radio, and has been likened to the sound of his contemporaries D’Angelo and John Legend. Gourdin is quite pleased to be held in such company, and like them, he told EUR’s Lee Bailey, he’d like to be a part of the movement that’s bringing soul back to soul music.

“I’m trying to bring that music back to let even young artists know that you can make music coming from the soul and be received well,” he said. “You don’t have to go out there and just do shake-booty music. You can do music that’s tasteful and get paid for it. I’m just trying to be real and not sacrifice my dignity.”

“The River” is certainly being received well. The track was produced byKay-Gee of Naughty By Nature fame, who also helped build the repertoires of Jaheim and Next. “We were the fastest moving single by a male artist in the last five years,” Gourdin said of the hot track. “It’s great when you’re blessed with a record that really transcends. Now we’re in a place that I’m really feeling good about.”

Not only is “The River” an impressive throwback musically, but the lyrics also evoke memories and emotions of yesteryear. Gourdin explained that the inspiration of the song came when he and friends were sitting around sharing childhood stories, talking about family members, and just reflecting on life and paths they’d taken.

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