Penny For Your Thoughts With … KRISTI LOMAX

Kristi Lomax, host of the weekly radio adventure “Restless Soul” on KPFK-FM LA. You can check out her playlists and programs at

In 5 words or less, what do you think about…

George Bush?
I stole the election both times.

Bill Clinton?
I don’t think he’ll be able to get a table at Sylvia’s anytime soon.

The queen of all media.

What is your airplane ritual? IPod? Sleep? Sweat Pants? Alcohol? Spill the beans.
Find the right aisle seat, turn on the air and make sure it’s blowing ever so gently across my face, pay attention to the exits, listen to the emergency instructions because I don’t take that stuff for granted. A prayer during take off, then I fire up the Ipod.

What is your favorite tune to sing in the shower?
I don’t sing in the shower. I brainstorm.

What do you think about unidentified flying objects and people who see them?
I believe we are not alone. But why are Arizona, New Mexico and Texas their favorite travel destinations?

What is your favorite American city?
NYC! All day, everyday.

What do you think about the war in Iraq?
We will never get their oil.

What do you think about interracial relationships?
I think who you fall in love with is none of my business. But sistas & brothers when you’re out in public with ya significant other of another color/culture, don’t act like you don’t know ya people.

What song and/or artist would people be surprised to know you dig?
I have more than 1 Barbra Streisand album and a Pia Zadora record. But, it’s the album that Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis produced.

Who is the biggest influence in your personal life?

What is your favorite scene in a film?
The well-written one.

What is on your Tivo right now?
Don’t have tivo, but I’m rollin’ through the entire Reno 911 collection via Netflix. Wildly inappropriate and hilarious as hell.

Obama or McCain?
Go Tell Mama…I’m for Obama!

Name one book that you consider a must read.
Ernest Hardy’s “Blood Beats Vol. 1 & 2.”

What frightens you?
Not living up to my full potential.

What is your favorite article of clothing?
Contact lenses. Can’t make a move without ‘em.

Shout out the website for a cause/issue that’s close to your heart.
I’ve got to hype my own of course,

But will definitely keep you on your toes.

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