Naomi Campbell: the Main Star of the October Issue of WSJ Magazine

For more than 30 years, Naomi Campbell conquers the catwalks at Fashion Weeks and appears in prestigious magazines. The other day, the results of her shooting for the October issue of WSJ appeared in the network. However, not only elegant images attracted the attention of readers, but also Naomi Campbell's frank confessions. The model decided to refute the opinion of fans about the ideal life of celebrities. Naomi Campbell does not hide the fact that in youth, she suffered from alcohol and drug addiction, which she managed to overcome.

Many people find the habits of the model quite eccentric. In one of the videos on her YouTube channel, Naomi showed how during the flights she rubs absolutely all surfaces with antibacterial wipes to disinfect them. Then the model puts on a mask and does not take it off during the whole flight.

"I survived. My life has never been perfect, and I do not pretend to be. I was one of the first who publicly talked about their drug addiction. I thank God that I managed to become a former drug addict and alcoholic," Naomi frankly admitted. What else she told about different spheres of life?

About publicity

“One thing is good, today you can see me, but the next day I am gone: I’ve learned to appear and disappear just as suddenly. Frequent trips are my salvation. Very few people know where I am going and what I will do there.”

About eccentric habits

“If I lose something, then I begin to treat this thing as "not mine." There is no need to look for it. I believe that if something is lost, and even if I found it later, it should not be used anymore. I’m generally very superstitious when it comes to things, especially if I have to wear them in some way.”

About relationship

“You know, being single does not mean being lonely. I don’t have time for boredom, and I don’t have time to feel abandoned. In a relationship, privacy is important to me. Only in a private atmosphere, you can truly get to know a person. Therefore, I always worry that my work can harm my personal life. But I know a few tricks that help keep everything a secret. They were taught to me by Robert De Niro.”

About being a boss

"There has never been such a moment in my life when I would like to work for someone. I have repeatedly been asked to give the rights to the story of my life so that someone can make a documentary. They said, "We will even pay you a bit." Do you think I'm a fool? I know what my life is like. I know that it is very bright. And do you think I will give it to someone? No.”

Today, like 30 years ago, Naomi Campbell remains one of the most successful and demanded models in the world. The celebrity participates in shows, advertising campaigns and appears on the covers of famous magazines. “If Naomi had not become a model, she could have ruled a small country,” said Edward Enninful, editor-in-chief of British Vogue.

Campbell constantly travels around the world, and most often the supermodel goes to Africa where she does charity work, “Now I understand that I must do everything possible to help the continent take the place which it deserves. No more “poor Africa,” said the star.

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