Is “Gemini Man” a Success or a Complete Failure for a Career of Will Smith?

October for Will Smith was highlighted by a very important event, the movie "Gemini Man" was presented in Hollywood, in which the actor, thanks to modern technologies, has become his young version. Will’s wife Jada could compare and say for sure whether young Smith in the movie looks like the actor in the youth since the spouses have been together for more than 20 years. So, the premiere of the film was attended by almost the whole family of Will Smith since spouses arrived at TCL Chinese Theater together with their sons, Jaden and Trey.

It is a story about a killer who is going to leave this job behind when suddenly his young clone stands in his way. The script was created about 20 years ago, but the shooting was constantly delayed due to various reasons. Many famous actors could play the main role, but as we already know, it is Will Smith who became the star, and Ang Lee, who is famous for “Brokeback Mountain,” “Life of Pi” and other tremendous pictures, took the director's place. The first reviews of the movie were focused on the huge number of fabulous visual effects. However, what about everything else?

Is This Movie Really So Great and What the Critics Think?

The next movie with Will Smith was long-awaited, but as it turned out, “Gemini Man” has many more cons than pros. Will Smith is well-known for his ability to star in a couple of films at once. The famous Disney's Aladdin, in which the actor was Genie, has grossed a record amount of money. This project has become a real success for Smith. However, it is hardly possible to say about “Gemini Man,” which runs the risk of becoming a complete failure. As we have already mentioned, in this movie, Smith had two roles at once, his character is standing against his younger version. Even though the picture can boast of spectacular special effects, the critics consider that the movie is unacceptably weak.

Critics appreciated the ability of Ang Lee to enchant the spectators with the technological show but, the whole picture did not earn praise. For example, Mike Reyes put “Gemini Man” three stars, expressing regret that the producers of the film ignored the plot development. According to him, "Gemini Man" is a film that was just made at the wrong time, and it could have become the most impressive movie 20 years ago, but now it’s just a parody. And although Ang Lee's technical prowess is worthy of viewing, the plot of the movie is empty and not catchy. This story would have been a breakthrough in 1997 when they came up with the idea of the movie, but nowadays, it doesn’t meet the demands of the modern era.

According to critics, several excellently shot action scenes cannot compensate for the poor plot, template dialogs, and dull and uninteresting characters. Considering all the drawbacks of the movie, it’s possible to say that unfortunately, this movie can become the worst one in a career of such a great actor as Will Smith.

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