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Vincent Slaughter is an aspiring writer and graduate of Morehouse College. Single and living in Atlanta, GA his thoughts on love and relationships are also featured on

My MySpace Mistake

When I was married, my single friends would tell me all their horror stories about meeting crazy people and wasting perfectly good Friday and Saturday nights on folks who were not worth the time. I would shake my head and say, “I’m so glad I don’t have to go through that!” Unfortunately, a […]

Is It Good Enough For You?

I have always admired those people who walk around with an extreme amount of confidence, even if it is a false bravado. Having that swagger is something that I would love to possess. The feeling that no matter the situation, I got it covered.
It is not like that for me though, and I […]

Love In This Club

This weekend, CL and I went out to get our party on at a monthly event for grown (some sexy … most not) folks. This is the type of event that brings out all of the men (me included) who are too old to be in the club, and packs of women who want […]

In Memory Of My Game

The sun rose on a recent Sunday, and when it set, My Game was gone.
It passed away at 6:45 PM, in the hands of a lovely young lady who had it wrapped around her pinky finger. The assailant, though sweet and innocent by appearance, proved to be a little too […]

Rules Of Engagement:
A Brother Breaks It Down

I heard a woman say recently that men do not know what they want when it comes to women. A dude will proclaim all day that he wants a model-thin chick with long hair and green eyes. Next thing you know, he is all up under a thick dark skin sister with a […]