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About Me:

Tamara T. Gregory is a writer/producer/traveler. Happily single (yes, there really is such a thing), she is an expert on the dating game. Her debut novel, Passport Diaries, is an LA Times bestseller and is soon to become a Hollywood motion picture. The book is available at www.passportdiaries.com.


Alright ladies, it seems the fellas have a few first date pet peeves about us they’d like to get off their very hairy chests and because some of you take these blogs waaaay too seriously, let me just state, since I don’t date women, this is all hearsay. I questioned a bunch of dudes […]


Okay, once again I’m asking ya’ll to take a little ride with me, but first check your judgment at the door until you’ve heard me out.
I consider myself to be a good Christian girl. Not a perfect one, and by some strict, conservative standards maybe not all that Christian, but we’ll save that for another […]


I know my blog falls under the humor section, though it seems some of you refuse to get in on the joke and continue to miss the tongue which is firmly lodged in my cheek, but this week, I’m offering a serious entry, because well…these are serious times.
Oh, how I long to love a […]


Help me out here, fellas. Why do so many of you feel the need to screw up so badly, so early? What compels you to piss us off, or worse, turn us off, before we even get the chance to get turned on? Do you know how hard it is to […]

Fatal Flaw: The Finale

They say the third times the charm, right? Better be. I know I’ve made fun of this whole incident, but on the real, I think we all can agree-it’s time for it to be over.
I knock, knock, knock on Tanya’s door, the other black girl who lives on my floor. The one who everyone (everyone […]

My Final Wishes

So the NY Times recently named pumpkin seeds as one of the 11 healthiest foods people aren’t eating. “The most nutritious part of the pumpkin, packed with magnesium. High levels of the mineral are associated with lower risk for early death,” the paper sited. Unless of course you’re choking on […]

My Ukranian Love Seat

Sorry folks, but I asked mom to cough up the Kaluha cake recipe and she offered a surprisingly terse, “with my last breath.” Now, my mother is one of the most loving and giving people on the planet, so I’m thinking she’s secretly heard from the FDA and is getting ready to cash in big […]

Fatal Flaw: Part II

Thanks for the supportive feedback.
To UTC commenter Nohunchback: How cute are you giving me explicit directions on how to Heimlich myself? I’m sincerely touched.
Before continuing though, let’s get a few things straight…
My need for space is not code for lonely.
A) My close knit family is only a stone’s throw away […]

Fatal Flaw

Please note this is a multi-part series. So, as you read this, bear with me, I’m going somewhere, I promise.
There’s a flaw in my “happily single” moniker. Two things happened recently that are making me think I just might have to break down and get myself a permanent man. Not […]

Do Right Woman: A Note on Hillary & Hoochies

I’m sorry ladies, but Hillary Clinton’s recent antics (the thinly veiled reference to RFK’s June assassination and her refusing to concede a race she has so clearly lost) have me so fired up, I’m taking it out on all ya’ll. She, and I’m sad to say some of you, have me almost embarrassed to call […]