ReNina Minter

About Me:

ReNina Minter is a former elementary school teacher who followed her passion to make a difference on a larger scale. She earned a Master's in Clinical Psychology and is now a Certified Life Coach. Check out her website at Her editorials are exclusive to UTC.

Marriage-Minded And Proud

I am newly single and excited to be dating again. Most of my friends hate dating, but I decided that I would be selective in the process and enjoy myself. Let me start by clarifying my definitions.
My definition of dating is just that…going on dates. Dating means dates, and a […]

What We Can Learn From
Star Jones

I have never been one for gossip, but I could not resist talking about something that has been overly gossiped about since it all started four plus years ago. My intention in discussing this is to learn lessons vicariously through the seemingly “poor judgment” of others.
Star Jones filed for divorce on March […]

Reverend Wright:
Top Crab In The Barrel

Jeremiah Wright, Barack Obama’s former Pastor of Trinity United Church, has chosen to come forward to speak in defense of what he perceives as an attack on the black church. Who decided that he would be “The Representative for Black Churches?” He doesn’t represent my church.
I am aware of the fact that Pastor […]