Mobolaji Olambiwonnu

About Me:

Mobolaji is the founder of "African Cowboy: Cross-Cultural Dialogue Through Clothing" and is committed to a new conversation about Africa that focuses on what works rather than what doesn't. You can take part in the African cowboy or cowgirl experience at

What Is Good About Africa

“What is good about Africa?” With the constant bombardment about ethnic strife in Kenya, war in Somalia, AIDS in South Africa, child soldiers in Sierra Leone and genocide in Darfur, I’m sure you sometimes wonder. I know I have asked that question for many years and luckily, unlike many people, I can piece […]

Sowing In The Motherland

So here’s my thing…Africa is not the motherland. Don’t go there expecting people to be any more happy you came to visit than any brotha or sista you meet on the street in your city. People have got lives, and yes, that includes Africans. They have no more memory of our history […]