Kali Love

About Me:

Kali Love is my sometimes brilliant, often obnoxious, alter ego. If I’m Chuck D., she’s a bit, well…Flava Flav with hers. So to protect my career as a writer/producer/Veuve Clicquot-sipping philanthrope, I shall remain nameless. But Kali Love? There’s no telling what she'll say.


…And we’re back. If you’re just tuning in, I’m teaching ya’ll how to tame you a man! And for those who haven’t quite figured it out, this is really a not-so-cleverly disguised call to women to control the only thing you can control – YOU, so that you can be the beautiful child […]

<a href="http://urbanthoughtcollective.com/2008/10/15/how-to-be-a-man-tamer-part-iv/" r