Ellene Miles

About Me:

Ellene Miles has worked as an entertainment publicist for more than 6 years. Her collection of rants will be featured exclusively on UTC for the good of the people.

Black Mary Has A Way

One of the lynchpins of my family experience is church. Like many of us, we go to listen, fellowship, and get some Jesus. As I’ve mentioned in this space before, I’m a lapsed black Catholic girl. But, that doesn’t mean dear old Mom has slowed her roll. She has been faithful […]

Barbara Walters’ Sexual Chocolate

The recent revelation from Barbara Walters about her old school affair with a former black Senator has caused a bit of a stir.
As a publicist, I get it. There is a book to sell. Pull out the scintillating, press worthy bits and bombard the public with them.
As a black woman, […]

Miley, Disney & Little Lost Girls

The media has pounced aggressively on the “controversial” Miley Cyrus photos that appear in the latest issue of “Vanity Fair Magazine.”
Truly, what’s the big deal?
The whole scandal brought to mind the massive disparities between “white innocence” and “black innocence.” In this case, precious white chastity has been threatened. Excuse me while I […]

Afraid To Believe In Obama

As a self-professed lapsed black Catholic, I should have made an effort to at least take a cursory glance at the extensive coverage of the Pope’s recent visit to the U.S.
I didn’t. I was distracted by something bigger and with more serious implications. He’s just a man, a symbol of so many things […]

Petraeus As Pinocchio

I’ve been thinking about truth lately. Has it always been so elusive? Over the past two days, our good war man, General Petraeus, has testified before Congress with regard to the current state of the Iraq War. If the real point of the hearings was to obtain that pesky “truth,” then the […]