Diallo Tyson

About Me:

Diallo Tyson is a filmmaker, [self-proclaimed] comedian and old school music junkie. When he’s not busy, he is a member of the group “Two Pimps and a Dream,” and collaborator on the sports/pop culture blog, The Commission. Step into a groovin’ time machine every Monday on UTC.

One Hit Wonderland

Not all one hit wonders suck. Yes, Skee-Lo sucks. A lot. Like, a whole lot. But Digable Planets doesn’t suck. Often, being a one hit wonder is based on luck. Maybe the artist hits the zeitgeist for that particular moment in time. A year passes, the […]

My Posse’s On Broadway

I’m fat ya’ll. My love handles have love handles. Pinch an inch? Hell I can pinch Long Island. But I’m determined to do something about it. Lately, I’ve been eating healthier and running on my homemade track. I’m trying to maintain discipline and focus, and last night was a […]

The Jay-Z Debate

A couple of weeks ago, I sort of got into it with a cat that said Jay-Z couldn’t rap. Obviously, I was rendered dumbfounded upon hearing such a ridiculous statement. But then he went on to say that Jay stole too much from Biggie, and was just a much better version of Puff. […]

1993 Was A Good Year

1993 baby! Remember when gas cost $.92/gallon? Remember when “Rap City” was still relevant? Remember when you could pig out at Taco Bell for less than $5? Remember Cross Colours? Yeah, like I’m the only one who had orange, red, green, and purple jeans. Don’t front on me! […]

Random Acts Of Hotness

I had the hardest time deciding on a theme for this week. Do I go with remixes, posse cuts, 11th grade, neo-soul or what? So obviously, I copped out and just picked random videos. I apologize, but me being mad indecisive happens…often…like a lot. Anyway, hope you enjoy the randomness. […]

Let’s Take It Back To 1990

9th grade baby! 1990 was so long ago. My God was it a long time ago. But, I remember it like it was just yesterday. I was a fresh faced 13 year-old who didn’t know jack. And to prove it, I missed the bus first day of school and couldn’t […]

Dearly Departed….

Four years ago today, my dad passed away. I remember one time we had a 2-3 hour discussion about the sociological ramifications of hip hop’s effects on the black community. When the discussion was over, he had a new found appreciation for hip hop. I was like, “Yes! Another satisfied customer!” […]

Soundtrack Spectacular

As I mentioned last week, it’s summer time. And you know what happens in the summer? Weekend trips to the movies, that’s what. Only thing is, often times the soundtrack is WAY better than the movie. At any rate, here are some joints from soundtracks past. By the way, both […]

Hot Fun In The Summertime

Memorial Day, while not officially, is the traditional start of summer. Therefore, I decided to play a few jams that epitomize the summer aesthetic. Even though you can bump these tracks during any season, they were made for the summertime. It’s time to stock up on charcoal, armor-all, your favorite libations, Skin-So-Soft, […]

The Year Was 1994…

This past weekend I attended my ten year college reunion. TEN YEARS! I had a better time than I expected, and it got me reminiscing about the year it all started. 1994. I was a 17-year old know-it-all, that actually knew less than zero. Almost 14 years later, I can […]