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About Me:

Destah Owens is a single father of two from Northern California and proud UCLA Bruin who travels the world for his job as a computer engineer. His blog “Souffles in Saigon” is exclusive to Urban Thought Collective.

I’m Goin’ Back To Cali

When I was living in Washington, DC., I was always amused by the average “East Coaster’s” perception of California and Californians. Repeatedly, I had to convince people that I was not worried about my impending doom when the Golden State breaks off and sinks into the ocean after an earthquake, nor did I know how […]

It’s Like That Time At The Ballpark
When You Were A Baby …

Today I saw something on TV that made me laugh aloud.
Something amusing from the endless reel of sports highlights that I, and many other, watch every day. Sometimes we don’t even really watch them. They’re just kind of “on.” It’s background noise. This is especially the case when the […]

Musical Love Lessons

I’m not always so fortunate as to get the Hertz car with the Sirius Satellite radio in it during my travels. I have to do as the locals do most of the time, and see what I can find on the FM dial. In some places, you’re actually lucky if there is an […]

Abs On The Go

Whether it’s for business or pleasure, taking a trip is always a nice way to interrupt your daily routine. Despite the fact that this is often an invited interruption, it frequently has a negative effect on those routines that can ill-afford to be interrupted. I’m talking diet and exercise!
Frequent travelers like […]

Membership Has Its Privileges

“For those of you waiting to board flight 2448 with service to Dallas/Fort Worth, we have an update regarding your aircraft…there is a mechanical problem….there will be a delay of at least 3 hours…”
And they’re off! All of them, as if they were shot out of a cannon. You haven’t seen butts leap […]

Adventures in Ho Cho Minh City

Soufflés in Saigon
So…I’m sitting in the back of another diminutive taxi cab in downtown Ho Chi Minh city when it occurs to me that this isn’t the way that I want to go out. In my mind, I’m running through all the bad scenarios that await me. My impending doom…
First, unbeknownst to be, […]