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Cameron Turner is a Los Angeles-area native whose editorials, entertainment news features and audio documentaries have been featured on black-oriented radio, online and in print outlets for two decades. The devoted father of two is developing a series of books children's books to inspire the imaginations of urban youth.


“The Longshots” is a funny, feelgood movie about a shy middle school girl (Keke Palmer) who blossoms after her estranged uncle (Ice Cube) unlocks her hidden talent for playing football.
But the key scene in “The Longshots” takes place, not on the playing field, but in a church. An impassioned preacher […]

Remembering Bernie & Isaac

Isaac Hayes was shocked when his “Theme from Shaft” won the Best Original Song Academy Award back in 1971. Hayes didn’t think he had any chance of winning. He figured most Academy voters were too straitlaced to choose his deep-funk street anthem, especially since the other nominated songs were conventional movie tunes […]

The Joke’s On Who?

Last week I told you how my stomach was tied up in knots (well, not exactly, but I was nervous) anticipating Robert Downey, Jr.’s blackface role in Ben Stiller’s new comedy “Tropic Thunder.” I had my fingers crossed that Stiller’s talent for thoughtful satire (he co-wrote, directed and produced Thunder) would elevate the white […]

Blackface & COINTELPRO
In Present Day

I’m going to a press screening of “Tropic Thunder” in a few days and I don’t mind telling you that I’m very uneasy about the idea of Robert Downey, Jr. playing a black man in this flick. Well, he doesn’t actually play a black man. He plays an egotistical […]

Barack Triumphs,
Rick Ross Disgraced

My wavering enthusiasm for Barack Obama has been restored by the Democratic nominee’s triumphant tour of the Middle East. Obama has allayed fears that he might be backing down on his commitment to withdraw our troops from Iraq within the first 16 months of his presidency. What’s even more exciting is how the […]

Bring Back The Old Barack!

Last month Barack Obama was smoking John McCain in the polls by 15 points. As of this week, his lead has disintegrated to a measly three points. Obviously, Obama’s strategy of reaching out to conservative and middle-of-the-road voters by modifying his positions on key issues (ie: supporting renewal of the FISA wiretapping […]

On Tech Nigga, Pimps and
Everyday Heroes

Props to L.A. activist and fellow UTC blogger Najee Ali for pressuring Verizon Wireless to drop that offensive “TechNigga” video.
This foul clip features a white “comedian” named Loren Feldman dressed in hip hop gear, talking in what’s supposed be black slang about a phony web site dedicated to keeping track of “hoes.” We also see […]

Will Smith’s School Daze

In addition to “Hancock” (his latest, guaranteed box office smash), Will Smith has been getting a lot of press this week for the private elementary school that he and his wife, Jada Pinkett Smith, will open this fall in Calabasas, an upscale suburb northwest of LA. Will and Jada have been catching flak for […]

Don’t Let 50, Oprah Or Lil Wayne
Near Your Kids This Week

When you get a free moment today say a quick prayer for Marquise Jackson. He’s the 11-year-old kid caught in the disgracefully public war between his estranged parents, rap star 50 Cent and Shaniqua Tompkins. Mom and Dad each claim they want to protect their son, but they’re both exploiting and wounding […]

“Not Guilty” Is Not Innocence

Aaron McGruder wins the pool. His take-no-prisoners comic strip, “The Boondocks,” and its Cartoon Network counterpart predicted years ago that R. Kelly would beat his child pornography case, largely because of the public’s adoration of celebrities. That may be precisely what happened last Friday in that Chicago courtroom. At first, I was […]