About Us


ur·ban (adjective)
often used in the united states and united kingdom as a euphemism to describe hip hop culture or subsets of black culture

thought (noun)
the intellectual activity or the ideas, opinions, etc., characteristic of a particular place, class, or time

col·lec·tive (noun)
having plurality of origin or authority; as in diplomacy: a note signed by the representatives of several governments is called a collective note.

These are the official definitions of the words urban + thought + collective. Our definition? Simply put, each word signifies an intersection. “Urban” has become the word by which we signify the intersection of color and culture. “Thought” is the intersection of information and opinion. “Collective” is the intersection of people and power.

Urban Thought Collective is all about intersection.
Crossing borders with ease.
Zigzagging in and out of boxes.
Probing and pushing boundaries in the quest to capture attentions and imaginations.

Beyond our vast knowledge of the general, lies a deep affection for the specific.
An understanding of certain corners and categories.
Urban Thought Collective aspires to present a broad spectrum of black thinkers, blogging on an unruly cross-section of topics.


Welcome and enjoy…


Founded by Ava DuVernay in 1999, DVA Media + Marketing is the parent company of Urban Thought Collective. Additional DVA Media + Marketing properties include Urban Beauty Collective (a promotional network of 10,000+ black beauty salons and barbershops in the top 15 ADI markets), The Urban Eye (an independently syndicated entertainment report on radio), and DVAPR (an award-winning entertainment public relations firm providing strategy for film, television, DVD and lifestyle brands).