The King will reply, ‘I tell you the truth, whatever you did for one of the least of these, you did for me.’ (Matthew 25:40)

McCain & Obama at Ground Zero…Awesome!

How honorable, that in the midst of this historic campaign, our two candidates can put the petty name calling, political pundits, and divides on American’s issues aside, to pay tribute on this 7th year anniversary of the terrorist attacks that took place September 11, 2001.

A real reflection that everyone now and then has to stop long enough and see that life if not always about Us (You). In spite of what we are doing and going through personally, sometimes the picture is bigger than ME and more is at stake than our personal lives.

This is the sentiment that comes through in the parable mentioned above, when the King replies to his constituents who took time to care for hurting people. He was pleased, because what they did for the least of those among them was as significant as if they did it for the king.

Neither Obama nor McCain know on a personal level the family members and friends that struggle with grief every day over the tragic loss of those they loved as a result of the attacks. But the agenda didn’t matter today, and the political tag lines weren’t the issue…it was about doing something to help uplift hurting people and acknowledging their pain.

Anytime we can create an opportunity and/or even participate in an event to uplift hurting people, we are doing the most honorable thing. It is our human duty!

Days like this also remind us that we can put down our divides and take time to unite on common ground, like Ground Zero. It didn’t matter seven years ago if a person was Democrat or Republican; black or white; stock broker or janitor; Christian or Buddhist…they all died in those two buildings.

I believe that is how we’ll make significant change in our communities, when we put aside our personal agenda’s and disagreements in order to unite on common ground for common good. That was the message of Gandhi, Dr. King and many other Civil Leaders; and the message we can take from the tribute.

And for today, with Texas in Hurricane trouble, let us allow the power of our thoughts and prayers to be expanded beyond our personal “gimme list” and be toward the thousands of people who have to evacuate their homes; or the poor in Cuba, Jamaica and other islands who must rebuild with little or nothing.

Because sometimes, it’s just not about You or Me!

Najuma Smith is a preacher, world traveler, writer, and proud parent. She currently serves as the full-time Sr. Pastor of St. James AME Church in Los Angeles. Unapologetically saved and full of purpose, she enjoys sharing words of encouragement with anyone who will listen, bringing a fresh look at life in light of the Word of God. Her collection of motivations and observations are exclusive to Urban Thought Collective. Visit her at

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