I am not going to bore you with all the health benefits of exercising. I’m not a doctor and I am sure most of us have heard it or read it a million times. Now, I know a lot of you may feel like the expense of a gym membership is not within your reach. So as UTC’s proud expert on how to live fabulously on the cheap, I’m here to put an end to that excuse with some low cost alternatives.

The cheapest I can get folks is FREE! Exercising outside is as free as it gets whether it is stepping outside and walking or running in your neighborhood, or hitting your local hiking trail. You can also go to most local junior and high school locations, and find folks walking the outdoor or indoor tracks. To find a local hiking trail, you can contact your city or county parks and recreations department.

Another alternative is your local YMCA. These facilities may not be as fancy as the expensive per month gyms, but they get the job done. I also find that these facilities are not as crowded which eliminates one more excuse for not hitting the gym. My local city gym is $100 per year! That is $8.33 per month. I can’t even get 3 gallons of gas for that amount. They may also offer exercise classes and personal training, at a discount, on site as well.

I must say I love my people and I love seeing you even more. As I am hitting the various hiking trails in the greater Southern California area and occasional hitting the gym, I am just not seeing us in the numbers I would like too. So, as we see 2008 coming to an end lets get out there and do something good for ourselves! Remember, fitness is free!

If you have any inexpensive workout alternatives please share them with me and our UTC family.

Tilane Jones is a long-time practitioner of retail therapy. As an administrator for a top marketing company, she can hunt and negotiate a bargain like nobody’s business. Miss Jones shares her top-notch tips for looking & feeling fabulous on less money exclusively with Urban Thought Collective.

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