John McCain’s acceptance speech was terrible and he is clearly lost.

If you watched tonight (I had to) the only thing that’s clear is, the factions within the Republican Party are at war with each other. On one side, they have the foaming at the mouth, acrimonious, fundamentalists, like Sarah Palin. On the other side, there are the let’s all get along, it’s not personal, I respect you, end the “partisan rancor” and expand our appeal McCain loyalist.

McCain’s problem is he’s out numbered and almost out of time.

Once again, I’m voting for Barack Obama.

But I’m not impervious to persuasive arguments and truth. The truth is, if you are a grass roots Republican conservative, Fred Thompson, Rudy Giuliani and Sarah Palin’s speech was right on your sweet spot. The evidence was on television last night. Every battle cry witticism was met with thunderous applause. Nothing else mattered. It’s sad to say, but the bass of their party is moved more by themes that reflect their lives more than visions that will guide us in the future.

That’s why I think John McCain can’t win. He was himself tonight and most of the people in that room don’t like him. That’s why we continue to hear his Vietnam experience over and over and over. That’s an AMAZINGLY compelling story. I had never heard some of the details he shared tonight. However, as soon as he stopped talking about his time as a POW, he was as boring as…well…John McCain. The reaction in the room was as tepid and polite as you could imagine from what was supposed to be “his” crowd. Just contrast the reaction Palin received when Cindy McCain called her a “gun toting hockey mom.” They went nuts! And that has got nothing to do with policy, the war, the economy, energy or anything that SHOULD matter. But it did.

Those folks don’t want John McCain. John McCain wanted Joe Lieberman and if he had picked him, those same folks that were polite to him tonight all would have been like that crazy protester screaming in the middle of his speech.

I was really put off by the constant theme of I’m more American than you. I love my country more than you. I’m good and I know evil and you don’t. Similarly, will someone please tell John McCain you can’t be nominated for President and not be elite. Your wife can’t show up in a $300,000 outfit and not be elite. When did being elite become pejorative? Michael Phelps is an elite athlete. How can Republican spin doctors be allowed to advance the notion that if you work hard and achieve lofty goals, you’re not a success but an elitist?

I heard more spin from talking heads after the speech trying their best to convince us that the bass of their party was fired up. My eyes told me something different. I saw a room full of people trying to put on a happy face. They saw the 80,000 in Denver. They know what they’re up against. They know they mocked the “community organizers” who helped Obama win Iowa and 8 straight primaries. They know they have a guy they don’t want and he knows it too.

I can’t wait for the overnight ratings. We’ll see if America was as bored as I was.

Darryl Bell is an actor and Chicago native, best known for his role in classic TV series “A Different World” and Spike Lee’s “School Daze.” His unique television commentary is exclusive to Urban Thought Collective.

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September 4th, 2008 at 10:36 pm thelma says:

It was a definitely sad day for the GOP. I actually felt kinda sad for him. A few years ago Bush and the party were treating him like a stinky wet dog. Now, its his show and it was real lackluster. I agree with you 100%

September 4th, 2008 at 10:43 pm Beverly Chastang says:

the mans time has past
and I don’t think the young voters give a hoot that he was a POW they have seen too much and hate war! at least I hope so. But I don’t think they care for real