My momma always said, “It doesn’t matter how much money you have, how big your diamonds are or what kind of car you drive, if your health is not 100%, nothing else matters.” Truly that is the commonality for each and every one of us. Floss if you want to, but that blood clot, aneurism, or cancer will shut that all down.

Miss Celie, a.k.a Fantasia Barrino, revealed she had a tumor on her throat which was the reason behind her decision to pull out of Broadway show “The Color Purple.”

Now, you know the rumors of her being pregnant were running like wildfire after she missed a slew of shows. Do you really think that she would hide her pregnancy after doing a biopic Lifetime Movie and putting it on blast during “American Idol?” Please, I don’t believe Ms. Thang would care what people would judge her for at this stage; been there, done that.

Fantasia says her battle to stay healthy took a lot out of her and left her feeling drained and too tired to perform every night. “I couldn’t get enough sleep and sometimes onstage, I could taste blood… every now and then. They (producers) would send me to the hospitals and they would say, ‘Well, she’s dehydrated; that’s what’s making her tired.’ They would put IVs in me. But it just wasn’t enough.”

Eventually, Fantasia realized something more serious was wrong and she called on the advice of a top throat doctor in Los Angeles, who put a camera down her throat and discovered she had what he thought was a cyst. She went into surgery and he (doctor) came out and told my mother it was a tumor.

Fantasia is pissed about all the negative publicity she received for pulling out of shows. She keeps it real by saying, “It really hurt my feelings… I told my manager, `Please, somebody protect me,’ because I’ve never missed a show… I like to perform. I felt like, after I had my surgery, nobody knew about it. “The Color Purple” didn’t know about it, my record company didn’t know about it, and I was very hurt that… I wasn’t receiving any flowers, any balloons.”

I ain’t mad at her for keeping that to herself. That’s what an understudy is for; people start treating you different the minute they find out there’s an illness, which suddenly becomes a weakness. Kick that tumor in the** Fantasia and stop all that hollering on stage and just sing dammit! And while I’m ranting, change your stylist and stop playing with the hair color. Whew…now, go back to blessing us with those fab vocals. My job here is done!


Okay, so you know Bobby & I go waaaay back. But nothing this man does surprises me. Okay, maybe I was a little shocked when he joined the cast of that reality nightmare called “Going Country” but then again, if you can collect a check and keep your clothes on, and your mama will still love you in the morning, then go for it.

Bobby has set the record straight and confirmed that he and manager/girlfriend Alicia Etheredge are an item. I remember Ms. Alicia back in the day always around when I used to dance for a lot of cats. She was kind of like Tommy on “Martin.” I never knew what the hell she did, but she was always around.

Anyhoo, Bobby and Whitney finalized their divorce and believe it or not, it was an uncontested divorce judgment in April 2007. Dang. 15-years of marriage down the drain. Damn, that was a fun wedding.

According to B, “This (relationship) is gonna work ’cause I’m gonna make it work.” Alicia has always maintained she and Brown are longtime friends and business partners - but she hopes to be the one when Brown chooses to settle down again. Damn, I know that had to cut like a knife the first time around, hope there’s not a set-up for heart break in sight.

Bobby, I wish your ass well.


I’m telling you, when you know folks start stuff just so they think they can get their hand in your pocket you have to practice self-restraint like a mutha*****

The Game is back in the system over alleged funeral scrap with cousin. He was charged with criminal battery for allegedly punching his cousin at a family funeral. Why he didn’t think family wouldn’t press charges I dunno.

Usually when men scrap it’s over money, usually playing craps or c-lo or