If you didn’t know, I am a big fan of the Atlanta Hawks. I’m a loyal fan of a usually horrible team but it helps that the arena is usually full of some of the best looking women that Atlanta has to offer.

About a year ago, I meet a very beautiful sister at a game. I spotted this young lady and a couple of her friends talking to a couple of brothers during halftime. I was immediately attracted to her because she had a gorgeous smile, a cute haircut, a nice shape with a future behind her, and some fly boots. I’m always a sucker for a mean shoe game.

I’m checking her out while standing in the long ass line at the concession stand. It became obvious that the two guys were making the moves on her friends which left her to stand there looking so damn sexy all by herself. Why they weren’t trying to get with her, I couldn’t explain. However, that was all I needed to see. After getting my food, I made my move. We chatted for a minute, exchanged numbers, and then headed to our respective sections of the arena. Unfortunately, the Hawks lost that night, but I left Phillips Arena feeling like a winner.

I’m not really one of those people who believe in waiting two or three days before calling a woman after getting her phone number. So, I make the call the following evening. We have a pleasant chat; exchanging the basic background information that you do when trying to get to know someone. Where you’re from, where you went to school, blah…blah…blah…! After a few of these conversations, we agree to meet up that Sunday afternoon to check out an exhibit at the High Museum. The date is nice. Good conversation. She laughed at my corny jokes and everything. There just wasn’t that spark that made me think that we could be a couple. Oh, that is one of my problems when it comes to dating. I don’t have any patience.

Fast forward two weeks later, she and I continued to talk on the phone but no other dates had taken place. However, our conversations have progressively gotten more and more sexual in nature. By this time, both of our curiosities had been peeked. So we make the decision to get together for a little sexual seduction at the local Snooky’s Motor Lodge. Let’s just say that ole girl had that good good. We both agree that if we aren’t going to be a couple we could at least keep doing the grown up. Don’t act as if I’m the only one who’s ever had a FWB (friends with benefits) relationship!

Let’s just say things didn’t work out between us. She would get jealous if I wasn’t available. Talking about, “You must have a date or something!” I thought the benefit of this type of thing is that you get together when it is convenient and there no feelings involved.

Let me know something…

What are the rules for a FWB relationship?

Can women really have sex without catching feelings?

Is it possible to walk away from someone who is doing you just the way you like it?

Why is it so hard to get both good sex and a good relationship with the same person?

Vincent Slaughter is writer from Atlanta who describes himself as grown-ass man. loving son. faithful mate. flawed. occasionally funny. southern gentleman. humble, yet cocky. gemini. sometimes selfish. forgiving, but not forgetful. thankful. optimistic. thinker. doer. believer. reader. writer. a work in progress. learner. Above all, human. His thoughts on love and relationships also featured on

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