What else can one say to McCain’s choice for his Vice President running mate…it’s beyond obvious that his selecting Govenor Sarah Palin is nothing more than a gimmick; and how disappointing to see him and his staff make a mockery of our political process by pulling such a sexist stunt?

Yeah, I said it, Sexist!

His choice is more sexist than if he had chosen another white male like himself. It’s as if to suggest that women of this country (black or white or Latino) are so easily duped that if he throws us a few Palin crumbs we’ll come running like good little puppies.

Sexist activity is not just lewd comments, physical boundary abuse, or the blatant discrimination of women in corporate America; but it is a mentality that suggests women are not independently intelligent thinkers and decision makers. It is the way one speaks to a woman in a demeaning & patronizing tone. It is, McCain choosing a Sarah Palin in an attempt to USE her face and her femininity to win his game, regardless of the cost.

I’m in no way suggesting Palin is not a skilled & experienced individual. I believe this woman has done her work and she speaks very well from what little we’ve seen so far. But can she assume the role as President of these United States? My thoughts are in now way a “dis” to who she is but certainly I’m dis-appointed that she is being used in this manner.

McCain’s arrogance & sexist behavior is clear and obvious, and I fear Governor Palin is going to pay the greatest price. It is clear that he did not choose her because of her ability, skill or political history; he barley knew the woman! She is his “joker” wild card, because he’s running out of high cards to play. Anyone who claims not to see right through his gimmick is only fooling his or her self.

As a woman, and a citizen of this country, it would have made more sense if he had crossed party lines and reached out to Hilary Clinton as his V.P. running mate. At least McCain would have shown respect where respect is due for a woman qualified and prepared to be the President of the U.S., God forbid any tragedy should happen to him.

But to select Palin as a real viable candidate? Oh Please!

For me, and no one has to agree with me, I liken his action to that of a rapper who uses video girls to make his song a hit; or car magazines using under-payed car models to sale their magazines; And I just didn’t expect it in our political process!

The irony of McCain’s timing, is that MOTHER nature had her own plans; and just when it appeared all eyes would be on McCain and Palin to build hype in preparation for the Republican Convention; all eyes are now on Gustav, watching and praying for those affected by this hurricane.

May God bless the citizens of Louisiana, Jamaica, Cayman Island, Florida and more!

Najuma Smith is a preacher, world traveler, writer, and proud parent. She currently serves as the full-time Sr. Pastor of St. James AME Church in Los Angeles. Unapologetically saved and full of purpose, she enjoys sharing words of encouragement with anyone who will listen, bringing a fresh look at life in light of the Word of God. Her collection of motivations and observations are exclusive to Urban Thought Collective. Visit her at www.myspace.com/revjuju.

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