If you were one of the 38 million people who watched Barack Obama’s acceptance speech last Thursday night, then you know this election will not be a race of experience vs. inexperience, but rather a race on judgment.

This year the DNC did exactly what it was designed to do, unite the party, identify Barack Obama, and attack John McCain on his lack of judgment. The morning after a speech watched more the “American Idol” finale, John “McSame” placed the icing on the cake of his lack of judgment by picking an inexperienced hockey mom as his running mate.

There have been 3 major displays of judgment by these candidates.

In 2002, Obama had the judgment to know that the Iraq War was a mistake. He said: “After September 11, after witnessing the carnage and destruction, the dust and the tears, I supported this administration’s pledge to hunt down and root out those who would slaughter innocents in the name of intolerance, and I would willingly take up arms myself to prevent such tragedy from happening again.” He then went on to say, “I don’t oppose all wars. What I am opposed to is a dumb war. A rash war. A war based not on reason but on passion, not on principle but on politics.” With all due respect to the soldiers whom lost their lives we can see Iraq was exactly that.

McCain supported this mistake and continues to support the war saying we might be in Iraq for over 100 years.

In 2005, while thousands were drowning, while millions lost their homes, and countless others looked death in the eyes during Hurricane Katrina, our candidates for presidency responded in two different ways. Obama rolled up his sleeves and helped rebuild the city of New Orleans; McCain had cake with President Bush on the runway in front of their private jets.

The next display of judgment came when each candidate picked his running mate. Obama, the young charismatic nominee who faces death threats daily, picked someone who is ready to lead on day one, Sen. Joe Biden.

McCain, the tortured war veteran 72 years young, who has had two cancer scares, picked a women whose only known for being under investigation for getting her brother in law fired from his job because he left her sister. I doubt she could lead a game of musical chairs let alone this country, and this is who he picks?

Mr. “McSame,” this country does not want to go in the direction you’re heading. Mr. “McSame,” the Iraq War was a mistake, like the one you made when you voted against declaring Martin Luther King Day a National holiday.

So, here is a little bit of advice for you SIR! Thanks, but no thanks. Eight is enough. Why don’t you go have some more cake?

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