I want a Barack Obama! After hearing his speech the other night I realized how much I love Black men with all their unexpressed pain and imperfections. I Love them ALL. They are so strong, tenacious and talented, some of which is unrealized. Sometimes Black men don’t see their full potential and that is why the Black woman is here…to love them so unconditionally that they see themselves through our eyes, support, and desire for them to be their best (thank you Michelle Obama for showing me that).

I have to admit that there have been times that I have not always been as supportive and loving as I probably could be. Okay, it was just those few times when they’ve made me so mad I wanted to scratch out their eyeballs. Probably because I know what they are truly capable of, and men like Obama have raised the bar. There is really no excuse at this point for a Black man, because Barack has made it very clear that the Black man can do anything…anything… I mean anything. So, I should not ever hear again that a Black man can’t.

Several times while watching the speech I thought, “I love that man.” Sorry Michelle. I realized that it wasn’t really him, but all that he represents. A strong Black man who defies the odds while being a man of character living his full potential. I realized that if I put my glasses on and take off my shades I might be able to recognize a mini Barack when he strolls pass me.

Truth Be Told… Black women should all look for men of character with potential for greatness. We can work harder to see the potential in Black men who are doing their best.

So this blog is written for all the unnoticed Barack Obama’s in the world. The brothers who are single dads, committed fathers, loving husbands, doing the right thing, working everyday, keeping their word, living their passion and making a difference in the world. Here is to all the brothers who are doing their thing and doing their best. Yes, I know…. I know…. we shouldn’t praise brothers on the things that they should do. Well why the hell not? Here’s to the other beautiful Black men of the world and all the Barack Obamas in the making. Keep going, don’t quit! I just want you to know that I see you. I appreciate you and if I could hold all of your heads to my bosom and tell you that I love you without you getting all turned on I would.

Perhaps if we continue to praise and acknowledge the good ones, somehow the ones that are a work in progress will see what they need to do. It’s been said that what we focus on grows…expands…multiplies…something like that. Let the Barack Search begin.

Remember… It’s Always Love.

ReNina Minter is a former elementary school teacher who followed her passion and earned a Masters in Clinical Psychology. Minter is now a Certified Life Coach. Check out her website Her editorials are exclusive to UTC.

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