Dishing On Sherri Shepherd,
Lisa Bonet & Toni Braxton

Now nobody was happier to see my girl Sherri Shepherd get “The View” gig than me. I auditioned for that damn show years ago; got called back like six times along with Veronica Webb, but we all knew that Star Jones was her home girl and had that gig locked down.

I think some of us are still shocked to see not one but two Black women on nationally syndicated TV (”AMERICAN” Broadcast Company) during daylight without their legs up in the air! We’re getting closer y’all…we are! Anyway here’s the low down…

Sources say, “Barbara has had it with her. Barbara was shocked that Sherri would say she needs to be ‘saved.’ She’s dumbfounded by the stupid things that keep coming out of Sherri’s mouth.”

Barbara has been saying that Sherri’s a “loose cannon.” Now, why should Sherri hold her tongue? We’ve all heard the old adage, “Tell the truth, shame the devil.” You know if Sherri doesn’t bring up the dirt first, someone is gonna try and smear her name and paint an even uglier picture, so why not hear about the scandals from the horses mouth?

Now, in case you’ve been missing out on Ms. Sherri’s gift of gab…she held back nothing when speaking out about her troubled, scandalous past . Sherri revealed that she’s had “more abortions” than she’d “like to count.” Then she told ‘Precious Times,” a black Christian magazine, “My sister was heavy into drugs, and we would have to go and get her from crack houses.”

Now Ms. Thang, who used to be a Jehovah’s Witness (stop with the house call jokes y’all) admitted that she was in a very “physically abusive relationship and I was sleeping with a lot of guys.”

Now you know if some bitter Neeegro came out of the wood works trying to call Sherri out it would be a scandal for real. Let her tell her own damn story. If Barbara can put her drama in a book and Lord only knows what she DIDN’T put in the book after dropping the “black married man affair,” you would think she would sympathetic. Don’t live in your glass house Barbara and throw rocks, ‘cause those who got Sherri’s back are bringing knives to the rock fight.

“Barbara thinks Sherri has become far worse of a problem than Star Jones and Rosie O’Donnell when they were on the show.” Barbara, don’t make us cut you!

Well it’s about damn time. It’s been a hundred years since the “Cosby Show” and “A Different World.” And I know how this business is not kind to anyone talented or not, cute or not, but dang ghurl…we missed you!

It’s tough when our last impression of Lisa Bonet is her scene with Mickey Rourke in “Angel Heart”….yeah fellas keep drooling. Anyway, the beautiful Bonet is back and has been spotted on the set of “Life On Mars” set to debut on ABC October 9th. I’m sure her daughter Zoe will make a guest appearance too. Michael Imperioli, who played Christopher on “The Sopranos” will also be on the show.

She’s also got a flick coming out with Jennifer Aniston called “Gambit” set for 2009. Hot damn…Lisa’s back y’all!

Well, it seems that Toni Braxton’s health crisis is over. Word on the street is that she is putting on her lycra leotard, and Capezio shoes to get ready for the next edition of ABC’s “Dancing With the Stars”

If you remember, last May, Toni was forced to close her Las Vegas show “Toni Braxton: Revealed” at The Flamingo Hotel to focus on her health. Then she had been hospitalized in April for chest pains. Several years ago,
she was diagnosed with pericarditis, which is an inflammation of the tissues surrounding the heart.

Now even though ABC is staying hush on the official word of contestants, rumor has it that Warren Sapp, Florence Henderson, Kim Kardashian and Lance Bass could be booked for Dancing’s new season as contestants. With this line up… the only person I’m looking forward to seeing is Reggie Bush’s fine ass in the audience.

See ya’ll next week….

Big Lez has interviewed everyone from Tupac and The Notorious B.I.G. to Mary J. Blige and Tom Cruise. She was host of and producer of BET’s landmark show “Rap City” and has enjoyed an extensive tenure in radio as co-host of The Steve Harvey Morning Show in Los Angeles, plus stints at New York’s WQHT/Hot