On The Hot Seat

Up until this point, all of my blog entries have been either a tragic story about my miserable dating life or questions that I have about relationships. I wanted to do something fun for this one, so I asked “The Cookie Lady” to ask me some questions that you guys might want to hear me answer. Of course, she put in a few that she really wanted to know. Here are the questions and my answers, unedited.

Do you consider yourself a playa? Ever been?
No, I am definitely not a player. Especially as goofy as I am with women. I used to be incredibly quiet and shy so no, this is as outgoing as I’ve ever been.

Would you prefer to be settled down with just one woman??
Yes, I hate being single and going on dates. Having to reintroduce yourself repeatedly.

Could she keep your interest long enough??
Being a Gemini, you know that we have short attention spans. In order to keep my interest, she has to be fun, intelligent, and open to new experiences. I can’t stand anybody who gets in a rut and doesn’t even try different things.

Have you ever found yourself bored in a relationship but couldn’t figure out how to make it better or get out of it??
Yes, I have found myself in that situation but I got out of it. It’s called divorce.

What’s one of the things your girlfriend does that keeps you extremely happy?
Well, she has the little thing she likes to do when I’m driving, but let’s keep this PG. She is always considerate and thoughtful of my needs and wants. Sometimes she thinks more of me than I do.

Are you the jealous type?
I can be extremely jealous but I never show it. I think it makes me look so weak.

Advice you’d give your son about women?
Admit quilt and suffer the consequences before she has to discover it on her own.

How do you handle other girls flirting with you/tryna holla when they know you are not single?
I am always friendly, but I let it be known that I’m in a committed relationship and keep it moving.

Is sex a big part/important part of most relationships?
I think sex is like money. When you got enough of it or its going well, it’s not the most important thing. However, when there is a problem, it becomes the most important thing in the relationship.

What’s your biggest fear when in a relationship? When single?
My biggest fear in a relationship is I won’t be enough to keep my woman’s interest. When I was single, I feared rejection.

What is your personal fashion style? Which celebrity would you like to most dress like?
I don’t know if I have a style. Maybe you could call it ghetto preppy. If I could dress like any celebrity, I would pick Jay Z. He can get dressed up like a grown man in a suit and still rock some nice jeans and a white tee.

Do you think there has to be a boss in every relationship?
I think there has to be someone to make the final decision. It doesn’t have to be the man either. Depends on the couple. You know who the boss is in our relationship though, right?

Are you old school?
You got jokes! I’m not old school yet but I’m damn close.

Best lesson you learned from your mom?
That I’m alright just being me.

Would you rather have a woman with beauty or brains? (You have to pick one)
I’ll take beauty over brains. Call me shallow. I don’t care.

Your favorite dinner?
That’s easy. Grilled salmon and spinach.

Do you consider a man is weak if he shows his emotions to his woman?
No, allowing yourself to be vulnerable is a sign of strength. It’s not a skill that I’ve mastered but I’m working on it.

By the way, I was told that I never really explained why I call my girlfriend “The Cookie Lady.” When we first met, I mentioned to her that I really love homemade chocolate chip cookies. Well, she surprised me at my job with a plate of delicious cookies. My co-workers couldn’t get enough laughs from me walking around the office with a plate of cookies. From that point forward, they referred to her as “The Cookie Lady.” I thought it was cute and it has stuck every since then.

Are there any questions that you want to ask? Let me know and I’ll do a cool UTC reader Q&A!

Vincent Slaughter is writer from Atlanta who describes himself as grown-ass man. lov