Double Date Drama

I am the type of guy who doesn’t mind chillin’ by myself. When I wasn’t in a relationship, I would frequently go out to dinner, check out a movie, hit the bar, and even made the occasional trip to the club all alone. Never bothered me. When people rolled up on me and asked, “Who are you with?” I looked them dead in the eye and said, “Me!” I can’t really understand people who will stay at home rather than go out by themselves. Now that I’m in a relationship, I’m good just hanging with my sweetie every weekend. It took me for a loop the other day, when CL asked if I thought that we should hang out with some other couples. My first impulse was to say no, but is that the right answer?

When you are part of a couple, it is almost dangerous to hang with your single friends, especially if they are members of the opposite sex. You have no choice but to go out or hang with other couples. Most of the time, either you or your significant other is friends with one member of the other couple and you get dragged along like little school kids. “Johnny, you see that boy over there? I’m friends with his mother. Go play with him.” When I was married, we used to hang with a few of my ex-wife’s friends and their husbands. Honestly, I was cool with some of them. A couple of us even made a trip to Toronto for Caribana one year. However, when the divorce happened she got the friends. I got the cold shoulder.

Anyway, I wrote down some pros and cons for hanging with another couple:

1.It’s always fun to share experiences with other people.
2.There’s a cost benefit to splitting the bill.
3.Usually, they’ll introduce you to someone who will really become your friend.

1.You always end up getting dragged into their relationship drama.
2.I hate having to wait for someone when I’m ready to go.
3.I can’t do the flirty/dirty things I like to do with CL when we have company.

I guess the most important thing is sharing new experiences and people can introduce you to sights, events, and thoughts that you might have missed otherwise.

So, my dear readers…

How do you handle going out with other couples?

Do you think it is beneficial to your relationship?

Has your relationship with another couple ever negatively affected your relationship?

Let’s discuss….

Vincent Slaughter is a writer and graduate of Morehouse College. Single and living in Atlanta, Georgia, his thoughts on love and relationships are also featured on

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