R. Kelly & Romans 2:16

Romans 2:16 “This will take place on the day when God will judge men’s secrets…”

I received a text message from a friend of mine… ’Kelly’s been acquitted!’ At first I wasn’t sure whom she was talking about until a second text came in about R. Kelly’s acquittal. Honestly, I stopped following the story about R Kelly’s case some time ago. I didn’t believe the justice system would actually secure a conviction against him. For too long our justice system has been a great disappointment and failure time and time again, especially when it involves a person of great celebrity status. If I depended on our justice system for actual fairness and justice, I’d be crazy by now!

I thought about the above text reference and realize there is a Justice System that not even R. Kelly, OJ Simpson, Bill Clinton or Najuma Smith will escape. We will all have to face our Creator and give an account for our actions. Since the Creator is omniscient (all knowing), He knows who the girl in the video is that some jury members claim they couldn’t identify without a shadow of doubt. He knows the truth about the person(s) who killed those two innocent girls in Oklahoma. And He also knows where you and I were last week, or what we did last summer.

My point is simply this: no one escapes judgment.

I believe we ought to fight like hell for justice using our court system. I do believe we ought to hold our justice system accountable to make accurate decisions. But when the courts fail, and they do…there is a comfort in knowing that no one ever truly “escapes”; a word I saw one reporter use relating to R. Kelly’s acquittal. The creator is involved in bringing about justice.

One of the most liberating things someone told me, as it relates to my role in my church, is that I was not to be judge and jury. Leave that to God. He makes no mistakes! A more suitable role to take was to be a conduit of forgiveness. That’s the command the people are given as the creator takes a stand to avenge (Isaiah 34:8).

Matthew 6:14 “If you forgive men when they sin against you, the creator will also forgive you.”

Make no mistake, forgiveness is not forgetting nor is it accepting a wrong as right. Forgiveness is a process of relinquishing our right to be perpetually angry, bitter, and contentious. Forgiveness is putting people in the hands of a creator who knows all the details, and allowing His judgment to reign. Forgiveness is a choice we make, that helps us to not become paralyzed in our pain but enables to move forward in spite of the pain.

A victim of molestation myself, I know the damage this kind of thing can do to a person. So I choose to pray for the girl in the video…whoever she is, so that her life won’t be stuck here for the next 20 years.

I also choose to leave R. Kelly in the hands of the Creator, because the Creator doesn’t need a video to know the truth.

Najuma Smith is a preacher, world traveler, writer, and proud parent. She currently serves as the full-time Sr. Pastor of St. James AME Church in Los Angeles. Unapologetically saved and full of purpose, she enjoys sharing words of encouragement with anyone who will listen, bringing a fresh look at life in light of the Word of God. Her collection of motivations and observations are exclusive to Urban Thought Collective. Visit her at www.myspace.com/revjuju.

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