An Obama Era Question
For The Black Family

Will Black America’s unified efforts towards the Barack Obama campaign translate into the community mobilizing towards its “real problems?”

A change that much of the world never thought was possible is at long last on the horizon in American politics. Yes, it’s true that a black man is a legitimate contender for the US presidency. Now I think that’s a good thing, especially for black Americans, but not for the reasons you might think.

Few would argue that Barack Obama’s White House prospects are in large part due to supreme dedication by millions of African-Americans. Through their financial support, political organizing and bloc voting, they have exercised their full might as members of the American franchise. Not since the Civil Rights Movement have African Americans mobilized so effectively and fervently behind a cause, and the results show, as Obama stands on the brink of achieving what has been previously impossible.

This is a good thing, a very good thing indeed, until one looks at the dire conditions and circumstances faced by a majority of black households.

One doesn’t have to look hard at black America to see problems that clearly put our population at risk. With health disparities and declining academic achievement leading the way, black America has “issues” that are troublesome, scary and real! From the public abuse of black men on the streets of major US cities, to the new “picture” of African-American households being a single mother and her children. Extreme levels of unemployment for black males. The threatening closures of major urban medical centers like Grady Hospital in Atlanta, and King-Drew Medical Center in Los Angeles. And, crumbling school districts in urban centers like Detroit, Baltimore and Houston. The list literally goes on and on. It clearly indicates a community near collapse.

So with that said, it’s certainly a good thing that a brutha might occupy the Oval Office, but wouldn’t it make better sense for African-Americans to direct the same due diligence towards solving our own problems?

Only time will tell…

Gil Robertson IV is a journalist, bestselling author and lecturer. His work has appeared in numerous publications that include the LA Times, the Atlanta Journal Constitution and Black Enterprise magazine. To contact him, visit www.gilspeaks.net.

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