The Drama Continues!

It’s your girl Diane again, here to catch you up (in case you haven’t had a chance to check in) on what’s happening in Buena Beach.

If you tuned in Monday, you know that my boss, Danny, had the nerve to bring in – not one, but three little girls in here to interview for the open Coordinator position. Three.

Now I don’t know how you’d feel, but as Danny’s assistant for the last two years – who just happened to march into his office (professionally, y’all) the week before to tell him how interested I was in the position – I was pretty hot when I got the news. The worst part is that all of the chicks just so happened to be Latinas, each with short skirts, tight blouses (boobies spilling out all over the place), big hair, tranny make-up, and nine-inch stilettos.

If you didn’t know, my Danny is “Mr. Latino” in Buena Beach – Vice-Chair of the City’s Latino Management Association, the Community Hispanic Organization’s 2007 Man of the Year, and secretary for the local chapter of the National Council of La Raza. So, I couldn’t help but think to myself as I ushered each one of the ladies from the reception area to Danny’s office – could this be a race thing?

I’ve always been one of those “give ‘em the benefit of the doubt” kind of gals when it came to defining racist incidents. But this seemed pretty blatant to me, being that I straight up told him my interest. I mean, at least humor me.

Really, something shady has to be going on. I don’t know how any of the women found out about the position since I never sent out the job bulletin like Danny asked me to. Okay, okay. So maybe that’s a little karma chasing me down. But still, wouldn’t you be a little suspicious?

So now I’m torn. The practical side of me keeps saying that, perhaps, I’m just not qualified. Maybe these young ladies came highly referred by the mayor or someone else who knew of Calvin’s firing and, perchance, one of them might do a pretty damn good job and, just possibly, my lack of a degree or related experience my have been an issue. And, the fact that they were all Latinas could just be mere happenstance, considering that we’re in Southern California and all.

But my practical side also wonders if I were in Danny’s shoes, would I try to look out for a sistah or brotha? If I did, would that be so terrible? Would that make me a racist? I don’t know. It’s hard not to “root” for your peeps, right? I know that whenever a new reality show comes out, I’m always secretly pulling for the one or two black folks they throw in there (except for those Omarosa types). Even with game shows. If there’s a black person up on “Deal or No Deal,” I’m jumping and yelling three times as loud at the screen trying to help ‘em out. But, is that racist?

The other side of me, of course, just wants to straight-up act a fool. Loud and everything. Or, at least make an anonymous phone call to the “Buena Beach Sun Press” and drop hints about rampant acts of discrimination in the City’s Division of Parks & Beaches.

My boyfriend, Jonathan thinks I need to hold off a bit. Whereas I’m one to sprint to a conclusion, Jonathan will take a kindly summer-night’s stroll to one. But perhaps he’s right. It’s just an interview, right? I mean, there is a possibility that he’ll just hire me on the spot next week based on my work ethic and commitment to him the past two years – no interview needed.

Well, I’ll let you know what happens. In the meantime, you can tune in to see what some of the other folks in Buena Beach are doing at - new episodes are posted every weekday.

See you next week.