The Scoop On
Lil’ Kim, Nas & The Game

Lil’ Kim was recently awarded half of a million dollars by a judge who found that her friend-turned-foe ripped off her name and image for an unauthorized DVD.

A former Junior M.A.F.I.A. member by the name of James Lloyd (stage name Lil’ Cease), and his company, GroundZero Entertainment, wrongly capitalized on the diva’s fame with a film about the crew.

Lil’ Kim originally had filed a $6 million suit against Lloyd, who had previously testified against her in a criminal trial that ended with her conviction for lying to a grand jury.

I guess the Queen Bee got the last sting!

Well, my homeboy from our stomping grounds of Queens, NYC has taken his prerogative to change his mind. No, the media critics didn’t break him down. No, the right wingers didn’t shut him down. No, Dolores C. Tucker did not pay him a visit.

You know my man is too savvy at this stage of the game to be swayed. He’s decided to flip the script and change the title of the album, but don’t think you won’t get one hell of a message from the ump-teen tracks inside.

Nas, broke it down by saying, “It’s important to me that this album gets to the fans. “It’s been a long time coming. I want my fans to know that creatively and lyrically, they can expect the same content and the same messages. It’s that important. The streets have been waiting for this for a long time. The people will always know what the real title of this album is and what to call it.”

In an interview with MTV News last week, Nas did admit he was being pressured to change the controversial title in advance of the scheduled July 1 release. But, best believe, his strategy behind this album, the anticipated hype, the lyrics, and his straight-up skill is gonna show-&-prove once again. Nas also told MTV, “Everybody is trying to stop the title. Record stores are gonna have a problem in this day and time selling a record with that title.” As of now, the album is untitled. Honey, have no fear, God’s Son’s newest album is near!

Rapper Queen Pen rolled up to the NYPD and told them they needed to tag the ass that tagged hers. Her ex, Kendall Wicker, 29 is wanted after she reported that he assaulted her during an argument at her Brooklyn apartment earlier this month.

Kendall, is alleged - yeah I said alleged - to have hit her in front of their children and trashed her home, breaking her Grammy Award in the process. Now if y’all remember Pen like I do, I’m thinking the tables would be turned. She’d be the one wanted by 5-0 for tearing that ass up, and he’d be picking his teeth up off the floor.

He is also accused of throwing a brick through her car windshield and threatening to kill her, according to the New York Post. But hold up, let’s go down memory lane to the previous beat down.

Queen Pen, 35 (government name Lynise Walters), had previously reported Wicker to the cops, after he “allegedly” punched her in the face back in February. Wait, it gets worse…

That assault left Queen needing oral surgery to fix her loose teeth. As much as I want to crack a joke, assault on a woman simply ain’t no joke. There’s not that much anger in the world to justify putting your hands on somebody.

The latest incident has been recorded by police, but the report does not mention a physical assault. Kendall’s ass has not been seen since the May 9, the day he lost his temper with Queen. Kendall is the father of two of Queen Pen’s five rugrats. Stay strong sis, this too shall pass!

Oh lawd….here comes hell in a hand basket.

The Game hopes to sign the man that knocked out Suge Knight in the fight seen around the world.

The dude hopped on Funkmaster Flex’s radio show in NYC and straight up said; “He’s the Knockout Kid. We was looking for him, we found him, and trying to sign him. I just think you win some, you lose some. Suge’s not a boxer. It’s not like he’s Muhammad Ali, and he’s been in the game and somebody finally beats you.”

Suge Knight and his “Death Row Records” reigned throughout the 90’s with the hardcore crew that included Dr. Dre, Lady of Rage, The Dogg Pound and Snoop Dogg.

The Game said he feels that the older generation is going to have to respect the young up-and-comers.

“Suge, back in the day, he had it locked in LA. But now, your time comes and goes, and you have to respect the new breed, and now that’s me. I got LA locked, and 10 years from now there will be a new dude,” he explained. “Ten years from now, when I’m 40, t