Your Hollywood Scoop

Something outrageous in life always happens to make a man suddenly have a revelation about marriage. I’ve know T.I & Tiny for many years, since my dancing in “Xscape” videos and the early BET “Rap City” days. That man always was a straight shooter. No faking jacks, no bobbing and weaving, and no ass kissing.

I can hear all y’all wannabe Mrs. T.I. chicks now just hating on Tiny. “She ain’t cute, why’s he with her?” Looks ain’t got nothing to do with love and at the end of the day, she’s beautiful to him! Get over it y’all! They’ve been together for years, and she’s got the keys to the crib and the T.I. legacy on lock.

T.I. says that when he and Tameka “Tiny” Cottle finally tie the knot, he’ll likely copy Jay-Z and Beyonce’s style, and jump the broom on the low. T.I. acknowledges that he is engaged to Tiny, but when it comes to getting the dirt, everybody’s gotta mind their beeswax. He says, “We’re gonna do our thing like Jay and B, if they even did anything at all.” However, he is not holding back that his baby boy is on the way, saying, “I found out Tameka was pregnant the day that I got arrested, and we’re definitely looking forward to welcoming another Harris man to the world.”

T-I’s “Paper Trail” album will hits stores August 12th.

The gloved one has officially announced that the scheduled auction of his Neverland Ranch has been cancelled.

The property’s existing $23.5 million loan from New York-based private equity and hedge fund Fortress Investment Group was acquired by Colony Capital, a large real estate investment firm.

The 2,700-acre property in Santa Barbara County was slated to be auctioned off on May 14 after Jackson defaulted on loan payments.

I’m really wondering… with all the financial drama Mike (I can call him that since we’ve been friends ever since “Remember the Time” video) has been dealing with, what is his FICO score? Cause Lord knows he’s been late on a few payments lately. We all know what a bad credit score can do to your ass.

Colony, a Los Angeles-based firm that has invested more than $39 billion since it’s founding in 1991, says “we are very comfortable” holding the loan while negotiating new mortgage payment terms for the King of Pop.

MJ says, “I am pleased with recent developments involving Neverland Ranch, and I am in discussions with Colony and Tom Barrack with regard to the Ranch and other matters that would allow me to focus on the future.”

I just hope “the future” means MJ & Quincy Jones will hook up again so we can get a real MJ album.

Okay, so does this mean the producer and casting director of the show think Flava Flav & T.O look alike? Oh lawd say it isn’t so….

The NFL supa star will find out soon enough when he tackles his first sitcom, “Under One Roof.” The show has been getting some interesting reviews. All I know is, if T.O. takes off his shirt I might have to stop myself from licking the TV…cause hot damn….who cares about his acting skills? That body is BOOTIFUL… (Ahhh it feels good to undress a man in my own column :)

In the plot, Terrell tries convincing Flav and sitcom sibling Kelly Perine that they’re all brothers in hopes of getting them to invest in his website. Of his character, T.O says, “I see dollar signs and I’m trying to kind of smooth my way into the family, but Flav is not buying it. It’s a lot of funny dialogue. It was a good time.”

T.O. said this role will help him decide whether or not Hollywood will be his next career move following retirement from football.

“If I’m going to really consider doing acting after football, this a great start to let me get my feet wet,” Owens said. “For an actor trying to become an A-lister, I think I’m on the bottom of the pile. I’m a D-lister.”

“I know what the breadwinner is for me,” he added. “But definitely I’m looking forward to doing some acting after football, in the off-season next year. I think I did well enough that they may bring me back for some recurring roles. It’s a start for me, and I don’t like to fail at anything I do.”

I still find it interesting that talented actors like Jasmine Guy & Omar Gooding can’t get their own shows, but everyone else in the universe can….things that make you go hmmm…..

Remy Ma’s jailhouse nuptials were shut down when her rapper groom, Papoose, rolled up to the joint with one hell of a wedding present: a handcuff key. SAY WORD…..

Remy Ma was sentenced to eight years in prison in a Manhattan courtroom for her conviction on assault charges.

In March, Remy was convicted of assault, weapons possession and attempted coercion. Her lawyer, Ivan Fisher, tried to argue that the shooting in the early hours of July 14, 2007, was accidental, and that the victim, Makeda Barnes-Joseph, was exaggerating the facts to win a large sum in a separate civil suit. Fisher also tried to argue that Barnes-Joseph had taken $3,000 from her and that her gun went off as the pair struggled over her purse.

The bullet pierc