Talking To Yourself

“To achieve all that’s possible, we must attempt the impossible. To be as much as we can be, we must dream of being more” – Author Unknown

We’ll stand up for ourselves when we feel someone is disrespecting us or talking to us in an inappropriate manner. But what happens when we turn out to be the perpetrators? That’s right - sometimes we are our own worst enemy…

We do this with our internal dialogue, also known as self talk. These are thoughts and beliefs that you repeat to yourself while experiencing a situation, reviewing past events or planning for the future. Our internal dialogue is created from beliefs passed down to us by family, friends, and society. Like being a kid and being told you are stupid or dumb. Maybe you were told you can’t do something, or you’ll never amount to anything.

Difficulties arise when our self talk becomes so negative that it causes us to spiral into a state of depression or anxiety. We are human, so experiencing some level of depression or anxiety can be normal. The problem occurs when these states of being become debilitating, preventing the individual from moving beyond his or her present circumstance or even causing one to lose ground.

The good news is that our self talk can be positive too! Thus, we can motivate ourselves in an affirming manner. It’s like having our own backs so to speak.

To escape this pessimistic perspective, you must first become aware of your internal dialogue. Thoughts move very fast, so be patient with yourself during this process. Once you’re aware of the limiting thoughts or beliefs that you tell yourself, restate the thought with a positive outcome. Continue to practice this until the new positive thought becomes the norm.

You can also use daily affirmations such as, “I’m worthy,” or “My life is beautiful,” to successfully overcome these self-defeating thoughts.

Remember, if you tell yourself you can’t or you can, either way you are right. So focus on what you can do and experience a positive outcome.

Roderick Watkins is a Certified Hypnotherapist and doctoral student in Metaphysics. His mission is to aid you in finding resolutions for conflicted parts of your being using spiritual resources to guide you on the path towards a unified self.

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