So Why Is Clinton Still In The Race?

Senator Hillary Clinton’s path to the Democratic nomination for the President is essentially over. According to the delegate math, it is virtually impossible for Clinton to overcome Sen. Barack Obama’s lead in pledged delegates, states won or popular votes. So why is she still in the race? Clinton, while campaigning in Pennsylvania this week, got all cinematic and compared herself to Rocky, saying: “Rocky didn’t quit halfway up the steps, neither will I.” Well I remember watching that movie years ago, and at the end Rocky gets beat very badly by his black opponent.

Clinton has every right to stay in the race until its conclusion, but it is a futile effort. I believe that if the roles were reversed between the candidates, the old guard of Democratic leaders would not hesitate to demand that Obama drop out for the sake of party unity.

Clinton began the race with what appeared to be an overwhelming amount of money, name recognition, and organization. Yet, she has struggled from the outset with a very poorly organized campaign and strategy, indicating that she and Bill must have thought the race would be a coronation to the nomination.

It is that very arrogant attitude of self-entitlement the Clinton’s possess that now seems to be their undoing. Hillary must be shocked out of her mind that an African American junior senator with a funny name that the majority of Americans had never even heard of until his speech at the 2004 Democratic Convention is on his way to securing the Democratic nomination. Most political experts and pundits have indicated it is not a matter of if Obama secures the Democratic nomination, only when.

I believe that a majority of voters were turned off by the Clinton campaign’s subtle yet obvious playing of the race card. They did not care for the idea of Bill being back in the White House under any circumstances, even as first husband. According to many polls, many would-be Clinton voters have big trust issues with her candidacy.

The latest example of the erosion of trust occurred a few days ago. Comedian Sinbad, who accompanied Senator Clinton on a 1996 trip to Bosnia, exposed her as a liar. Clinton had repeatedly stated that upon her arrival in the city, she and her convoy were under sniper fire.

Sinbad has said that there was no sniper fire or danger posed to them. Clinton then told the media she needed her staff to “sort this out.” Only a congenital liar needs a staff to sort this out! I work in South Central Los Angeles, where being shot at is an experience you never forget! The emotional impact is chilling, and it will frighten the most fearless of souls. This latest lie by Clinton helps explain why voters do not trust her. I believe it was the final nail in Clinton’s political coffin, as Senator Obama now closes in on the nomination. So why is Clinton still in the race?

Najee Ali is Executive Director of Los Angeles based activist organization Project Islamic H.O.P.E, a national civil rights organization that advocates for the human rights of oppressed people regardless of race, gender or religion. He was selected by Wave Newspapers and Our Weekly Newspaper as one of the 25 most influential black leaders in Los Angeles. More information is available at: www.islamichope.org.

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