Penny For Your Thoughts With … AISHA HINDS


In 5 words or less, what do you think about… George Bush?
Is November here yet????

What is your airplane ritual? IPod? Sleep? Sweat Pants? Alcohol? Spill the beans.
I stays on JETBLUE…My motto is “If it ant Jetblue, it just wont due!” So with that, the DirecTV is on LOCK. For those rare occassions when I have to take the inferior carriers, my ritual goes something like Sweatpants, Sleep, and Script reading or writing.

What is your favorite American city?
NYC - culture is constantly celebrated and expressed…Its one of the most inspiring places to inhabit. The exchanges you witness between people on a train ride from BK to Harlem incites one of the illest soundtracks you’ll ever find.

What do you think about the war in Iraq?
Our troops need to come home……Is November here yet???

Who was your celebrity crush growing up?
Vanessa’s boyfriend on the Cosby show…..ummmm, Robert, yeah Robert was his name….

Who is your celebrity crush now?
Mos Definitely MOS DEF

What is your favorite scene in a film?
Every scene in Lady Sings the Blues…Lady Diana WORE it OUT!!!!!!!!!!!

Obama, Clinton or McCain?
Unequivocally OBAMA.
Side note: For the record, Hillary is not a “Clinton,” she is a HILLARY-she is in a class all by herself, ALL BY HERSELF!

Name one book that you consider a must read.
The Bible-Trust me, if Tyler Perry is cranking out 30 million per verse, there has GOT to be SOMETHING worth reading in that book!

What frightens you?
Stagnation. The day I stop learning, growing, or being challenged is the day I stop existing….I must GROW, every moment I am graced to do so.

Shout out the website for a cause/issue that’s close to your heart.
Please please exercise your right to vote!!! NO MORE Charlie Brown leadership; Who wants to hear “WHAA WHAA WHAA WHAA WHAA WHAA WHAA WHAA!!!!!” Get involved in Making a Change!

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