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June 14, 2008

Prescription: Obama


Barack Obama is not only the Democratic Presidential Nominee, he is also healing for the spirit of this nation. His lineage represents a homeopathic remedy for the collective conscious of America.

The American Institute of Homeopathy states that, “Resolution of an illness occurs when the sick individual is given a small dose of a medicine capable of producing similar symptoms in a healthy prover (another term for a medical volunteer). The medicine acts to return that person’s being to homeostasis.”

Obama’s mother of European descent and his father, an African, represent the basic elements of the foundation of our country. Obama symbolizes a smaller dose of medicine for an ailing nation unable to get over a persistent illness brought on by the institution of slavery.

The merging of two distinct cultures is a difficult task, especially when it is forced. The American spirit has been inflicted with many wounds as a result of slavery. Everyone (black, white, etc) born in this country shares its heritage and the damaged psyche that comes along with it. All of us have been shaped by these tragic events.

Black and white people share in the shame of families being broken apart and the guilt of trading souls for profit. Although perspectives between the two (i.e. owner vs. slave or black vs. white) are different, the events and emotions are shared. This has resulted in lesions on the collective conscious shared by US citizens, which neither denial of, nor victimization can heal.

Obama’s nomination voices the change desired by the collective consciousness. This is not just a change in national policy, but in the manner that we define ourselves as a nation. Currently, we are motivated out of fear or lack. This can be seen by our need to take and consume. In the future, we will choose to be motivated by how we are needed by the world and not by what we can take from it.

Obama’s nomination also serves as a platform for empowerment, showing us that our past does not have to affect us in a negative way. Focusing on how we are marginalized will only serve to rob us of our power and widen the gap between us. Let’s instead create a new template for future generations to be molded from overcoming past difficulties. Synthesizing the next generation from a new alloy composed of our best characteristics of one heritage as Americans. This is not to say forget our past or what makes us unique, but to utilize our best traits in a manner that empowers us.

Let me be clear. I do not believe that Barack Obama is the second coming. What I do believe is that he signifies the balance between conflicted entities embodied in his genealogical make up. A balance that was established out of the love that brought him into this world juxtaposed to the forced culture fusion formed from slavery.

He is the healthy prover needed for a homeopathic remedy. He is the medicine that results in a necessary step towards healing and the homeostasis needed for the spirit of our nation.

Roderick Watkins is a Certified Hypnotherapist and doctoral student in Metaphysics. His mission is to aid you in finding resolutions for conflicted parts of your being using spiritual resources to guide you on the path towards a unified self. His blog “Soular Powered” is exclusive to Urban Thought Collective.

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