John McCain’s acceptance speech was terrible and he is clearly lost.
If you watched tonight (I had to) the only thing that’s clear is, the factions within the Republican Party are at war with each other. On one side, they have the foaming at the mouth, acrimonious, fundamentalists, like Sarah Palin. On the other side, there […]


I watched Sarah Palin address the Republican National Convention. “The most peculiar Vice Presidential pick there’s ever been,” according to Republican Ben Stein. I heard a great deal about her life, her family and one liners directed at Barack Obama and Joe Biden. She was bold, aggressive, arrogant, condescending, confident and clearly divisive. In […]


We’re all watching the Democratic Convention. We’re all listening to the same audio. We’re seeing the same pictures. When will someone comment on what they saw and heard instead of what they want you to believe?
Here are the facts. Barack Obama has been leading in the polls in a general election versus John McCain […]


I told you so! I told me so! I said I was completely uninterested in this year’s Olympics. I was going to “force” myself to watch and “hope” for a pleasant surprise. Well I don’t have to hope anymore. The first five days of the Olympic Games, have BLOWN ME AWAY!
Let’s start […]

McCain’s “Race Card”

What is “The Race Card?”
Is it a membership card? Is it a credit card? Who gives it out? Who’s allowed or entitled to get one? Can it be revoked? Does it have limits? Where can you use it? Whose idea was it? Most importantly, why doesn’t […]

Heavy Hittin’ Summer Picks

There is nothing like a good old 5.4 magnitude earthquake to shake you into a reflective state of mind. For example, once I crawled from under my dining room table, I began to wonder about the merits of seeking refuge under a 500 pound piece of furniture. I would really like to […]

The Integration Proclamation

I don’t even know where to begin. I know. I should have followed my first mind and not watched it. But I did and now with hindsight I wished I watched with no expectations. Here are some questions for the producers: What was your purpose? Who was your audience? […]

Blog Debut! ‘Black In America’ Is Way Too Gray

I really wanted to like CNN’s “Black in America,” a two-part, four-hour documentary series that chronicles the ups and downs of what it’s like being black in America.
I listened intently to the passion in Soledad O’Brien’s voice as she recalled the year she spent interviewing black folks from D.L. Hughley and Michael Eric Dyson to […]

Whoopi & Sherri, Please Stop

Just stop using the “N” word in public. Stop advocating the word’s use in private. What will it take? Who must weigh in on this subject to end this debate? When will our community unite in the understanding that self denigration isn’t self love? How can we convince Brothers and […]

The Olympic Hurdle

The 2008 Summer Olympic Games are less than a month away. It is one of the most anticipated events on television and will be watched all over the world. So, why am I so uninterested? Why can’t I name more than two athletes who don’t play in the NBA? Why do […]

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