To Marry Or Not To Marry…

Could the unfortunate news of divorce between Prophetess Juanita Bynum and Bishop Thomas Weeks be more than just another divorce, but a real sign of the times???
I was chatting with a girlfriend about relationships and marriage, as she’s thinking about her future with her beau. When we arrived at the topic of marriage, she had […]

Obama & Clinton: Reunited
And It Feels So Good

Acts 2:1 When the day of Pentecost came, they were ALL TOGETHER in one place.
I had intended to share my thoughts concerning Dr. Juanita Bynum and Bishop Weeks and talk about divorce and the church. But, my attention was drawn away this morning when the ticker on CNN read “Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, […]

R. Kelly & Romans 2:16

Romans 2:16 “This will take place on the day when God will judge men’s secrets…”
I received a text message from a friend of mine… ’Kelly’s been acquitted!’ At first I wasn’t sure whom she was talking about until a second text came in about R. Kelly’s acquittal. Honestly, I stopped following the story […]

The Breakfast Club

Hey UTC!
I’m back, and in this one short week, a lot has happened to me. I’ve seen a lot of things, heard some inspirational people talk, and observed hundreds of people starting their day. I wanna share something with you that we rarely acknowledge, and often take advantage of, but it made my […]

Obama: Our New Thing!

Isaiah 43: 19 “See I am doing a new thing!”
Regardless of where you stand on political issues, or if you’re Democrat or not; it is undeniable the new realities that are being created for people from the current breaking news that Senator Barack Obama has won the party nomination.
According to the sacred writ, […]

Black Mary Has A Way

One of the lynchpins of my family experience is church. Like many of us, we go to listen, fellowship, and get some Jesus. As I’ve mentioned in this space before, I’m a lapsed black Catholic girl. But, that doesn’t mean dear old Mom has slowed her roll. She has been faithful […]

Hush Up Reverend Wright!

Can someone tell the Reverend Jeremiah Wright Jr. to please sit down, stay away from the news cameras, and shut up? Wright, whose racially incendiary remarks at one point threatened to derail the presidential candidacy of Senator Barack Obama, appeared as a guest on Friday with PBS host Bill Moyers. It was his […]

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