40 years ago, on Feb. 9th 1968 Dr. Martin Luther King, preached what might be considered his own eulogy. It was called “A Drum Major’s Instinct.” In it, he described how he envisioned his funeral. I first heard this shortly after I touched the very cart they used to carry his casket through […]

McCain’s “Race Card”

What is “The Race Card?”
Is it a membership card? Is it a credit card? Who gives it out? Who’s allowed or entitled to get one? Can it be revoked? Does it have limits? Where can you use it? Whose idea was it? Most importantly, why doesn’t […]

We Are Michelle Obama

I was reading a few articles about Michelle Obama’s guest appearance on “The View.” One writer bragged about her choice of fashion (selecting a black and white dainty dress), and another praised her for showing a “human” side, stating that it was “an effective counter to insinuations that she’s angry and aggressive.”
I thought […]

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