Fall is here – at least in spirit. The official change of seasons is still a few days away, but nevertheless, the leaves are already starting to fall in some places, kids are going back to school, and Starbucks is selling their Pumpkin Spice lattes. By next week, I’ll likely be breaking out my Uggs […]


It only happens twice a month, but it’s always an experience. With a phone call from the receptionist out front, I’m spurred into action, grabbing the small mirror and lip gloss I have stashed in my top drawer before hurrying out to the lobby. Other folks who’ve been in my shoes before have […]


It seems like I’m always learning something new about my co-workers. I’ve been around at the City of Buena Beach Recreation Division for a few years now, so I figured I knew most folks pretty well. Not necessarily because they’ve spilled their guts after a few too many drinks at happy hour or […]

Swearing Solidarity

I don’t know how things went down at your home growing up, but in the Brown home, cursing was as routine as our spaghetti Sundays.
You come in after curfew, and it was… “Where the #%?@ have you been?”
Television too loud?: “#@&%, turn that $#!% down - can’t even hear myself think!”
Boyfriend […]

An Ex Does A Body Good

It’s been quite the week. First off, I gave myself the meanest, deepest paper cut ever (and my boss, Danny, made me fill out an incident report about my injury). Later that same day, I managed to lock myself inside a bathroom stall, having no choice but to put hands and knees on […]

The True Confessions of a
Starbucks Addict

They say you can’t force an addict to quit – that users have to make the decision to stop for themselves. And that in most cases, one must hit that elusive place known as “rock bottom” before making a decision to change. Well I’m not quite there yet, but I’m getting close – […]

An Eye For An Eye

It happened again this week. I go to the refrigerator at work, practically leaving a trail of saliva en route, happy that I’m about to enjoy my lemon-glazed salmon with rice and vegetables that I picked up yesterday during a fortuitous trip to the $0.99 Store (usually, they just carry the same old Salisbury […]

Cry Me A River

Oops, she did it again.
The first time was forgivable, of course, when her mom called with word that their beloved cocker spaniel “Poochie” had died. The second time almost doesn’t count since things just got a little misty during a tense staff meeting. But this week, my girl Sandy was truly something to […]

Caviar Wishes,
Peach Cobbler Dreams

The two things in life I fear most are unexpected cold sores and rejection.
I’ll cover the cold sores on another occasion. Today, I’m here to share an account of an incident that happened to me this week at my job at the Buena Beach Division of Parks and Beaches – a story of rejection.
Now […]

Fake It ‘Til You Make It

What’s happening, folks? It’s your girl, Di, here to give you my weekly piece on the goings on of Buena Beach, the urban internet soap opera (updated weekdays at
As always, there was plenty of action this week at the Beach. I could give you the scoop on my boss being […]

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