We’ve got a group thing going on this week. Don’t worry, everything is PG-13…unless you’re a Mormon or live in Pennsylvania Dutch country, then all the videos will send you straight to Hades!
At any rate, my birthday is this Thursday. Yes, I’m accepting gifts! I need a new watch. Anyone? A card? No? OK, fine. […]


This ought to be fun for the UTC fam! I’ve come up with a few very cool musical comparisons that I’d love for you to weigh in on. Enjoy and, of course, comment as it makes this more interesting!
Let the games begin!
We can all agree that both producers have made us […]


“Man I miss that boy Pac…”
Word the eff up, Pimp C. As some of you may have realized, the anniversary of Tupac’s death was this past Saturday. I still remember that day. A bunch of us were chilling in Ace and Smooth’s dorm room, when one of our boys came in and said, “Damn I […]


They say you only get one chance to make a first impression. When it comes to music, that first impression can be a kiss of death or a kiss from Paula Patton. So, I decided to look at some debut performances from a few of our favorite artists this week. All artists […]


With the arrival of Labor Day, comes the end of summer. And that means no more summer movies. No more bombast, under-developed scripts, mailed in performances, undeserved hype, or pencils disappearing into eye sockets. Therefore, we’re sending the summer off with another Soundtrack Edition. On a side note, our intrepid movie reviewer, Ace Jackson basically […]


Class, today we’re gonna set the dial to “Laid Back Groove.” I got a little neo-soul in the on deck circle to start your week off. Some of you are saying “D, how can neo-soul be old school?” You know why it is? Because I said so! Got it? Good. Now, […]


Inspiration can come in many forms. This week it comes from a post by my boy Mizzo at The Starting Five. The same day I read that post, I woke up with Rae’s “Ice Cream” blaring through my cranium. I’ve been banging The Wu since, so I figured I might as well […]

1989 Was Live…

“1989! A number. Another summer.” 8th grade was probably the second best school year of my childhood. There were fights damn near every week, including a teacher-student confrontation for the ages; sports tournaments between the homerooms; girls started to like me; nighttime hide-and-go-seek in the neighborhood; and just an overall feeling of […]

An Open Letter To Ludacris

Dear Ludacris:
You are a three-time Grammy award winning artist. No one can dispute that you are one of the leading rappers in the industry. You have the first amendment right to record music of your own choosing. But I feel that the recent release of your song attacking Jesse Jackson […]

The Game Done Changed….

It’s amazing nowadays. It seems that every hip hop listening session I attend is being covered by more non-blacks than I’ve ever witnessed before! Now, don’t get me wrong, I appreciate the fact that the music and culture I grew up on is being appreciated and covered by all races. I love […]

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