Prescription: Obama

Barack Obama is not only the Democratic Presidential Nominee, he is also healing for the spirit of this nation. His lineage represents a homeopathic remedy for the collective conscious of America.
The American Institute of Homeopathy states that, “Resolution of an illness occurs when the sick individual is given a small dose of a medicine […]

Don’t Sleep On This

Sleep is a basic human need and is important for our mind and bodies to function normally. Sleepiness due to a lack of adequate sleep is a big problem in the United States. It affects children as well as adults. In general, children and adolescents need at least 9 hours of sleep […]

The Anatomy Of A Thought

This week, I thought I would do something different. I want to share a practical exercise for conscious expansion. The purpose is to become more aware of your inner being. The inner being is the part of you that is aware. People have referred to it as the spirit, the unconscious […]

Stomping Out Strokes

The month of May is “American Stroke Month,” and it is always a busy month for me. I am a national spokesperson for the American Stroke Association’s (ASA) Power to End Stroke (PTES) Campaign.
Did you know that strokes are the third leading cause of death in America, and can lead to […]

Who Are The Uninsured In America?

The uninsured are tossed around like pawns on a chess board, but most Americans don’t have any idea about who the uninsured are and how they became part of this faceless group of people. In order to understand why it’s imperative that legislation be put in place to assist them, let’s take time to pull back […]