I am frequently amazed and amused by my social interaction with other cultures. Ok, that’s just the P.C. way of saying white folks. Recently, I was out and about doing grown up errands and generally having a very “me” day in my usual casual jeans and t-shirt gear. This day, my t-shirt happened to have […]

On Tech Nigga, Pimps and
Everyday Heroes

Props to L.A. activist and fellow UTC blogger Najee Ali for pressuring Verizon Wireless to drop that offensive “TechNigga” video.
This foul clip features a white “comedian” named Loren Feldman dressed in hip hop gear, talking in what’s supposed be black slang about a phony web site dedicated to keeping track of “hoes.” We also see […]

Miley, Disney & Little Lost Girls

The media has pounced aggressively on the “controversial” Miley Cyrus photos that appear in the latest issue of “Vanity Fair Magazine.”
Truly, what’s the big deal?
The whole scandal brought to mind the massive disparities between “white innocence” and “black innocence.” In this case, precious white chastity has been threatened. Excuse me while I […]