“Man I miss that boy Pac…”

Word the eff up, Pimp C. As some of you may have realized, the anniversary of Tupac’s death was this past Saturday. I still remember that day. A bunch of us were chilling in Ace and Smooth’s dorm room, when one of our boys came in and said, “Damn I can’t believe he’s gone.” It just hit like a brick, because everyone figured he’d be back in the studio in another couple of weeks laying down verbal napalm on his enemies. Alas, it wasn’t to be. Therefore, we’re gonna ride for you this week, Pac. RIP Mr. Shakur.

“Well let me tell you how it affects the whole community.” And here is our first glimpse of “Sensitive/caring Pac.” People used to criticize Pac for being hypocritical. “Well how can he say THIS on one record, then turn around and say THAT on another?” I never thought he was contradictory or hypocritical. I just thought he was human.

“Baby doll are you down?” This song takes me back to 1993, driving my mom’s blue 4-door Celebrity, windows down, elbow hanging out the side, leaning HARD to the left, bopping my entire upper body, not giving a drop of piss in a bucket about who or what was going on around me. No cliché. Those were the days. Fun times.

“Heyaaaaay.” For real! Check out all of the cameos! Yes class, there once was a time when Bill Bellamy was relevant enough to be considered cameo-worthy. It presently boggles the mind, but back in ’95 he was kind of a medium-sized deal. Anyhoo, this jam takes me back to Freshman year hanging in my boy B-Page’s room, broke as a joke and playing Spades. Those were not the days, cause I ain’t wit being broke. Nevertheless, looking at Jasmine Guy takes the pain away. Oh boy, is the pain being taken away.

“Out on bail, fresh out of jail, California dreamin’.” Dre and Pac together? Um yes, thank you I’ll have another. I have to admit that when I heard the original, I was a bit disappointed. Joe Cocker is cool, but Dre needed a more Pac-worthy sample. When the remix came out, it ‘twas a glorious day indeed. I need this bass line in my life, like I need sex and candy. That means I like it a lot. RIP Roger.

“We ain’t ready to have a black President.” Uh, Pac? Let me holla at you a second. Umm…yeah. It’s about to be a wrap, kid. [Dear Lord Jesus let it be a wrap]. I wonder what Pac would have to say about this year’s election. You may not have agreed with it, but I guarantee he would’ve had a hella interesting take on the situation. At any rate, this track is just classic Pac all the way through. You know how he would always put “Can you feel me?” in his songs? Yes sir, I definitely feel you.

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