My mind is running on overdrive lately. Work is kicking me in the hind parts so I’m looking for a new gig. On the other hand, I’ve been thinking that a 9 to 5 is for suckas and I should find an alternative route to bringing in some income. I have had a horrible time trying to stick to one subject for my latest blog so here are some random thoughts that have been running through my mind.

CL and I have been thinking about finding some way to give back. Last year, I was volunteering with a local organization; picking out clothes for foster kids and helping school children learn to read. Never mind that my primary motivation was the cutie that I was trying to get to know. Along the way, I really enjoyed myself and got a good feeling from doing my part to make my community better. The closer I got to the sister the more my Saturday mornings were filled with servings of hot sex and less filled with serving hot meals. Eventually, we looked up and it had been months since we participated in a volunteer event.

Several months later, I find myself reminiscing about the feelings I got from volunteering more than the feelings I got from my ex. There are plenty of worthy causes that merit giving my free time. However, that is the problem. Too many choices. Do any of you volunteer? If so, what are some of the organizations that you work with? How did you decide on what you wanted to do?


I was looking in my closet recently and I realized that I need some new clothes. Usually, that is a great reason for me to go shopping which is one of my favorite pastimes. I haven’t been shopping since before Christmas, so I decided to check online to see what some of my favorite stores had to offer. Is it me or has all the clothing in the men’s section become extra bright, tight, or just gay as hell? All the shirts have some big skull design or shiny logo all over them. The jeans have way too much design or bedazzling on the pockets. I’m too old to be walking around with some big print across my ass. It’s as if you have to go on a serious mission to find good men’s clothing, unless you want to dress as if you are eighteen.

As a grown ass man you should not be wearing:

1. Sneakers to match every color of your shirt

2. Jeans with a big logo across the behind

3. Oversized clothes that don’t fit (You are not a hanger)

4. Short sleeve dress shirts (these are made for little boys going to Easter service)

5. Excess haberdashery (a doo-rag, headband, and a fitted cap…really?)


Don’t confuse my chivalry with bitchassness!

“My kryptonite is a genuine gentleman…and chivalry doesn’t equal punk…it’s been my experience that the women that feel that way aren’t used to a MAN and don’t know how to allow a man to open a door, pull out a chair…etc…gentlemen are most effective on ladies…not just females…but if she feels that way…you don’t (or shouldn’t) really want her anyway … SHOW her there is no b*tch in you, and move on to find a woman that will appreciate that sh*t!”

I saw this on a message board recently and needed to share it with y’all. Classic!

Do women really think that being a gentleman is a punk move?

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